Metro Salem Oregon Wedding Venues



 The area of Metro Salem Wedding Venues covers a little more than the 47 square miles which comprises the city's limits. Here, you will view the wonderfully varied wedding ceremony and reception locations, facilites and banquet halls in the most urban zones of Salem, Oregon, itself. Included is Downtown, and its surrounding environs, for good eating and some night-time activities. as not to put too strict a limit to things, we've included Keizer and Indepence, abutting Salem, along with a couple of similarly situated non-incorporated areas.



A magnicant wedding and reception location in the downtown Salem Oregon area. Salem Convention Center is a state of the art facility with audio/visual, small or large ballrooms and a staff who cares about every detail of your wedding day.


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Salem Oregon Wedding Venues - Salem Convention Center, a wedding or reception location


Downtown's Elsinore Theatre is a romantic masterpiece, blending equal parts castle, theater and even cathedral. A perfect venue for those wishing to marry some other "when."


Salem Wedding Venues - Elsinore Theater in downtown Salem, Oregon. Photo is link to more information on this prime wedding location.